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Written Reviews

Dr Rakesh Patel

Qoute I have been a patient for approximately 30 years and have received first class service throughout. At age 67 my teeth and gums are in as good a condition, if not better, than in my youth. Always very easy to obtain an appointment and very patient friendly. Qoute - JB 4.5

Dr Rakesh Patel

Qoute Friendly, transparent charges. They do what is best for your health. Qoute - AF 4.5

Dr Rakesh Patel

Qoute Makes us feel relaxed, talks through any procedure. Very happy with our treatment. Thank you! Qoute - RH4.5

Dr Rakesh Patel

Qoute Polite, quick, efficient service every time. Qoute - YW4.5

Dr Rakesh Patel

Qoute I have used this dentist for many years and always found it to be extremely professional and good. Qoute - CS4.5

Dr Rakesh Patel

Qoute Friendly staff and dental care that is specific to my needs. Qoute - EA4.5

Dr Rakesh Patel

Qoute I totally trust my dentist and would never move because of this. The whole family come and we travel quite a distance. Brilliant advice and friendly. Qoute - GD4.5

Dr Rakesh Patel

Qoute Friendly service, always feel valued by both my dentist and the reception staff. Never had a problem with the quality of my treatment either. Qoute - PR 4.5

Dr Rakesh Patel

Qoute The treatment and all round care is excellent. Every part of the process is explained. I have referred this dental practice to friends before. Qoute - DB 4.5